Video Resources

We have found some videos that might be helpful for you (including some we have created ourselves). They are not designed to “fix” you, but offer you some things to think about, possibly an opportunity to consider a different way of looking at things if that’s what you need, or just some uplifting moments if you need a break from the world you’re in right now. 

Please remember that nothing is a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to grief and what appeals or is helpful to one person may be difficult for others to watch – where something may have very obvious triggers for some, we have outlined this in the video description. 

We hope there is something in here that you can take away to use in your own life and your own circumstances. If you have any videos that you think might be helpful for others, please feel free to send the details to us here to be considered for addition to the page. 

The journey through loss and grief

The journey through loss and grief | Jason B. Rosenthal
14 Mins. Before her death author Amy Krouse wrote a book “You May Want to Marry My Husband”. It was giving him

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Prepare for a good end of life

Prepare for a good end of life | Judy MacDonald Johnston
6 Mins. Judy MacDonald offers five practices to end a life well. Logical but touching it is a video that can be

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Life that doesn’t end with death

Life that doesn’t end with death | Kelli Swazey
13 Mins. This video discusses a culture who deal with death and dying as completely opposite the western way as is possible. They see

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A video game to cope with grief

A video game to cope with grief | Amy Green
10 Mins. When Amy Green’s young son was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, she made up a bedtime story for his siblings to teach

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The Last Serenade

The Last Serenade | Lilli Haydn
4 Mins. A beautiful journey told in music. A lone violin describes what the grief journey is like…. A serenading dance, not a looming

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The Cure for Grief

The Cure for Grief | Norah Casey
17 Mins. This is a very straight talking video by Irish author and tv personality Norah Casey. Her husband passed after an illness and she

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We will be adding additional resources regularly, so please refer back often to get the most support.

If you have a specific area you would like help with, please send through your suggestion here. If it is something we can assist with we will work on it and release it in the future.